Primary - 3-6

Primary - 3-6

Montessori Mentoring via Albums, Videos and Online Support.

Perfect for Montessori assistants, homeschool Montessori, tutoring purposes, just plain curiosity, or those who just can't get to a full-fledged AMI training for one reason or another.

There are only FIVE CORE ALBUMS needed for the primary age that cover everything you need: Theory, Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics --- all other components (geography, culture, science, etc.) are included within those albums. 

SAMPLES are available here.

If you will be working with children ages 2-5, begin with the primary Montessori albums. At age 6, you want Keys of the Universe for children in the second plane of development. There is information in those albums for how to address the unique needs of older children who did not have Montessori experiences before age 6. 

Add online support and/or videos for these albums, by individual subject or the entire primary sequence. Online support includes downloadable materials and a dedicated discussion community. Videos will be available for every presentation. 

Self-Paced Course: 
Purchase the complete set of albums, complete video access and the complete online support. The Course Syllabus is included with all Keys of the World purchases. While the course is great for anyone to follow, if you need or want a certificate of completion there will be a $50 additional fee.

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Online Support

Online Support

Online Support includes all of the following: Dedicated discussion board of others doing Montes..


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